Snapchat-noname_chillah_610x381For the first time in my digital life, I felt behind on the newest social media phenomenon. About two weeks ago, I went out with a big group of friends to a concert. As the headliner is coming out and everyone reaches for their phone to capture the moment, I noticed most of my friends were “snapchatting” instead of sharing it on the regular social channels (facebook, instagram, twitter).  After the concert, I asked my friends what’s so much better about SnapChat. “Hard to explain. You just have to play with it and get the hang of it,” my buddy says. I understood the concept of the app in the past, but it never appealed enough for me to use it until this night. I felt I was missing out on the cool trending social app. A feeling that made feel as I was part of the older generation and not “digitally sophisticated.” It was horrible!

Fast-forward to today and I am hooked to SnapChat! The concept may seems basic for non existing users, but I found it to create some of the most engaging and hilarious content I have ever shared with my friends. It’s sort of a new language within social media that has me wonder how brands can take advantage of it. A recent article by Mashable, praises Taco Bell, Acura, and KarmaLoop who are rocking SnapChat. But is Snapchat for all brands?

Check out the chart below to see if it’s right for your brand.


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