My professor, Micheal Britto, brought up a very interesting question in our social media strategy class last week. Who should be responsible for managing the social media channels of a brand? He asked if it should be the Public Relations team? The majority of the class raised their hands. He asked if it should be the Marketing team? A few hands went up. Then he asked if should be managed by someone else? I raised my hand along with a few others. As I raised my hand, he calls on me and asks me why? “I think it should be it’s separate branch within the brand,” I said. He also calls out the other students that think it should be managed by someone else and they also had different responses.

This class scenario on who should run social media for a brand also reminded me of the attitude brands have today. The majority of the students who raised their hands for Public relations matches the majority of brands who also believe that their PR team should manage social communities. The few individuals that believe it should be run by someone else also matches the few brands who have created their own team dedicated for social media.

A survey was conducted by The Creative Group asking advertising/marketing executives who should run the social media of a brand? The results are the info-graphic below and they match the opinion of my class.


Now that we have established the opinion of this topic by business executives, the question is who is right? And most importantly who is doing it better? In my second part of this post, I will investigate the brands that are dominating social media and find out who is the team behind their success.

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