facebook-heartbreakIs this the first of many breakups to come with Facebook and Brands? Or just a brilliant PR Stunt?

The popular food delivery App, Eat24, wrote a hilarious, but valid letter on how they won’t put up with Facebook’s changes over the organic reach of post by Facebook Pages. They start the letter saying:

When we first met, you made us feel special. We’d tell you a super funny joke about Sriracha and you’d tell all our friends and then everyone would laugh together. But now? Now you want us to give you money if we want to talk to our friends. Now when we show you a photo of a taco wrapped with bacon, you’re all like “PROMOTE THIS POST! GET MORE FRIENDS!” instead of just liking us for who we are. That’s hella messed up.”

The letter goes on to argue valid points with clever and witty branded content. Who’s team are you on? Team Facebook or Team Eat24?

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