My Video Cover Letter To The World #DriveJose


Graduation is right around the corner for me and that means a grueling job search has begun. As I started applying for jobs, I began writing cover letter after cover letter using the best practices in cover letter writing to increase my chances to land an interview. But that’s not working out as planned so I decided to take a new approach that I’ve never seen done before.

I am majoring in Advertising and want to break into this industry. So how I am doing that? I am starting a social media campaign to make it happen with the help of a video I made.

I’ve been working on this video for several months and I can truly say that I’ve never invested so much of my passion and faith to a project. I wrote the story, filmed the driving shots through my mom’s sunroof window on her car, and edited the movie on iMovie. The video goes beyond my story as it’s showing my capabilities in my skills that are needed in advertising. My main objective in this campaign is to have the video shared in hopes that it gains exposure to a potential employer that could land me a job interview.

I will continue to give updates on the impact this video will have in my job hunt.